Friday, 31 January 2014

Janathon #31 and reflections

Today marks the end of the Janathon Challenge. When I set out to do this it was a snap decision. I didn't know if I'd manage it but I was determined. The plan was very vague, but essentially I decided to vary the distance and types of runs I would do, that way putting less stress on my body. It has worked well. There's been no signs of injury or even a slight niggle, and no signs of overtraining. My weekly distance is slightly above what I normally find comfortable, but with most of the runs being fairly short it hasn't felt like I've been doing 50km+ weeks at all.

I can honestly say there were only a couple of days I really didn't want to get out and run...but actually those days were more about the weather than running. We've had some very wet days, some cold days and a fair amount of chilly winds blowing through. Having this challenge to complete has really helped me push and get out there. Here's a summary of each day, you'll see that on some I've been out twice, on a couple I've also done a bootcamp. What's not shown here is the strength and conditioning training I have also done which averages out at twice a week.

1 - 5km
2i - 5km
2ii - 2km barefoot
3 - 7.4km
4 - 2km barefoot
5 - 10.28km fell run
6i - 5.4km
6ii - 3km run to bootcamp and back
7i - 2km barefoot
7ii - 2.67km with janathon buddy
8 - 8km Dawn Patrol
9 - 8km
10 - 2.15km barefoot
11 - 10km on Longdendale trail
12 - 11.17km fell run
13 - 2.12km barefoot
14 - 8.63km mixed road/trail
15 - 8km Dawn Patrol
16i - 17km trail
16ii - 3km barefoot
17 - 5.6km
18 - 8.22km Copenhagen city tour
19 - 3.62km Copenhagen lake tour
20 - 3.17km barefoot
21 - 8.55km
22i - 8km Dawn Patrol
22ii - 7.2km night nav
23 - 2.5km barefoot
24 - 4km very steady (saving myself for #25)
25 - Kinder Trial orienteering fell race
26 - 3.4km barefoot
27 - 5.6km
28 - 3.8km barefoot
29 - 7.4km
30i - Global Therapies Social Run
30ii - 4km run to and from Bootcamp
31 - 4km barefoot. longest barefoot run to date.

37 runs
5616m ascent
29hrs 14mins

Thanks to everyone who has joined me on some of these runs, especially Tim who continues to be a wonderful inspiration.

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