Thursday, 31 December 2015

Glossopdale Harriers 2015 Championships

In past years the format for the Glossopdale Harriers club championships has been that the highest finishing runner in a race is awarded 30points, 2nd highest gets 29 points and so on. My attempts at being competitive have been somewhat lacking, partially because my desire to race competitively isn't all that strong, and also because our club has some very competitive ladies. The outcome of which leaves me low down on the champs table, and no chance of a prize.

There was also the danger that the same few ladies (and men) would always be prize winners...and it's not that I race to win stuff (fell running prizes are often as glamorous as a pack of toilet rolls!)'s nice to be recognized for putting in effort throughout the year. It was with great delight (to me) then that the club committee changed the prize giving, with anyone who completed 7 races would be awarded a special prize in recognition.

Roll on the months and I just managed to get enough races in by doing the Oldham parkrun - it came down to either that or the Famous Grouse fell race. I had the opportunity to go to Oldham with a friend and help to pace her to a superb personal best time - very satisfying for both of us.

So, we had the club annual gathering and prizes were awarded for all the various categories, I received my print in recognition of completing the races through the year...and then...rather surprisingly I was called up again. This time, to be awarded the Vets Championship trophy in the Fell Champs!! I'm sharing the trophy with the male vet champ, but for the next six months the trophy is on my mantelpiece!

The 2015 champs definitely pushed me to do a few races and distances I wouldn't have done otherwise. Firstly there was a road race, Buxworth 5(miles) and most importantly for me was pushing my limits and completing my first ever ultra race - the 55km Long Tour of Bradwell on a very hot and sunny early August weekend. Kinder Downfall was also a grand run out - where I tagged on the run from Glossop to Hayfield before the race as part of my training for the Howgills Trail 26 Marathon.

I'm now eagerly awaiting the 2016 races to be announced so I can get some in my diary.