Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Inov8 X-Talon212s

Pair #1 nearest....#4 at top
My first ever fell shoes were Inov8 X-Talon212s and I really got on well with them. I've had a few other models of fell and trail shoes, but I keep reverting to the 212s. The fit is good for my feet and I love the responsiveness with the ground underfoot. Since doing more barefoot running (in vibram fivefingers) I've learnt to tolerate the minimal soles on tarmac too, especially with my first pair which have much less rubber on the studs now! I've managed to not destroy any of this model, despite doing over 700km in my first pair, unlike the Mudclaw 300s

Pair #1 - 665.5km (though I suspect there's easily over 100km not logged from my time pre-strava)
Pair #2 - 552.5km
Pair #3 - 129.4km
Pair #4 - 0km

The third and forth pair were recent purchases, still the old yellow/grey model, which I found online at a knock down price. I'm all for rotating shoes anyway, so getting two pairs at a bargain price was super....I probably now have over 18 months of life in these four pairs still. Here's photos showing the various states each pair are in:

#1 - stitching coming apart ever so slightly
#1 upper degrading slightly but still holding together
#4 so far unused and still in box
It's pretty hard to tell much difference between pairs 1 to 3 - so much so that I have to be careful not to put odd pairs on when I go out running as the grip is different, especially between pair #1 and 2/3. I've heard there are differences in this old model and the new blue/orange one....Tim has reviewed this on TestedToDestruction if you want more about his thoughts on that. I would imagine at the rate I wear shoes out there will be an even newer model out when I come to replace pairs #3 and #4.

One thing I certainly advise is proper care of shoes, to prolong their life. I reckon its the care of shoes after I've been out running in them that helps to keep them in such good condition. If the shoes are dirty they get a wash, if they're wet they get stuffed with paper and dried out naturally. More about shoe care on this blog I wrote a while back.

pair #2 saw me round the Edale Skyline in June, 34.5km in 4hrs 16
The run around Edale Skyline in the 212s was a good choice, and it was only towards the end of the run that my feet were starting to hurt, mostly because the distance was my longest to date and due to the heat on the day.


  1. A girl can never have too many shoes.

    1. I agree :)

      and yes, very spooky re verification!

  2. Spooky! the google 'prove you are not a robot' verification was..... 212 :0

  3. oh good grief! your 'worst' shoes look like my 'best' shoes....I must be way heavier than I think I am...! I love the X talons too, when I joined the club I looked down and saw so many pairs, there was no question over what shoe I should but. Just so expensive.