Monday, 6 January 2014

Janathon #06 Dawn Patrol

Early morning dawn patrol was out this and Tim, out and running by 6.04am. We did our usual pre-breakfast, pre-dawn route - a 5.5km loop from home on the road. Torch in hand, but only used when cars are approaching, otherwise night eye sight is good and sufficient on tarmac, and while there are some dark bits on the loop without street lights torch light just limits what you actually can see. The stars this morning were amazing, loads out in the clear skies.

This morning we were joined by the usual chirping of birds, though unusually no owl hoots to be heard. Our pace felt weirdly fast but slow at the same time, on checking the stats we took about the same time as usual, but no strava course records obtained, not even a 2nd or 3rd personal best on any of the sections. But that's not the point of the dawn patrol. The point is that it's an energising run, it sets us up for the day and by 7am we are showered, dressed and have had breakfast and most of our neighbours aren't even up!

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