Monday, 13 January 2014

Janathon #13 Barefoot

After almost a fortnight of daily running I'm feeling good, perhaps a little tired in the legs today but that is down to a cold icy run onto Bleaklow yesterday. I had earmarked today for a loop round Mossy Lea that's just over 5km; a mixed terrain run which includes a 3km gradual incline, ending with a slightly steeper bit. It's a nice challenge to keep running at a good pace without it being a really tough run (that is until I add in a 1km hill rep with about 200m ascent). Anyway, I decided to have a recovery day and do my barefoot run - just over 2km at 180bpm. I've also done the plyometric training for the barefoot research study we're taking part in, and a strength and conditioning session this morning.

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