Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Janathon #28

Another rainy grey morning. On the agenda today was a short barefoot run. I'd planned to go early but the weather was against me...it absolutely chucked it down as I got changed so I thought I'd let the shower pass (it didn't), then I decided to bake some flapjack and chocolate brownie....then I had to wait for a delivery. So my early run ended up being a lunch time run! Moral of the story....just get up and go.

I also needed to collect something from town so I decided to head that way with a rucksack and multitask on the run.With the item collected I had the choice of returning home the same way, making the total run just over 3km, or heading up the main road and adding a bit on. I chose the latter. The run was 3.8km completed in my fivefinger barefoot shoes. That makes it my longest barefoot run, albeit with a short pause in town.

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