Are you a runner who would like some inspiration instead of pounding out the sessions on tarmac? Well
join me on one of my guided off-road running sessions and come explore the green stuff!
We follow the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) Bronze and Silver level syllabuses. 
There's a misconception that 'fell running' is only for nut cases or superhuman people. But that's not true. I'm not the fastest runner and never will be; the main thing is I enjoy being out in the hills, and I'm pleased to be able to share the pleasure and benefits of off-road running with you.

Barriers: Some of the reasons people have told me about why they don't venture off-road for their runs are: fear of getting lost, it hurts to run down hill, can't run down hill as fast as the runners they've seen, it's dangerous, don't know where to go, haven't got the equipment. A key one is that people think it's all about running all the way to the top!!

Well, I can solve most of those for you, or certainly advise on how to remedy them. 

Solutions: I'm a qualified Hill & Moorland Group Leader and a qualified UK Athletics Fell/Off-road Coach in Running Fitness. I'm an experienced navigator, know the hills around Glossop really well and I have gear I can show you if you're uncertain what to wear/buy. I can explain why down hill running can be painful, and how to get better at it - as a sports & remedial massage therapist and personal trainer I know a little about these issues! As for running to the top of each hill....blah! I walk. And I'm not ashamed. It's great to get to the top, but getting there quickly isn't the game I play.

The objective of each session is to go and explore the countryside around Glossop for an hour or so, have fun and enjoy ourselves. The concept of pacing, x mins per mile etc will be far from our minds as we leave the tarmac, buildings and traffic behind.

If you'd like to book or have any questions send me an email ( ) or head over to the facebook page Running Delights where I'll post dates, times and cost for each run. If you'd prefer a one-to-one running session let me know and we can sort out a date/time to suit. Prices for one-to-one runs depends on duration.

Oh yes, a final point. We might encounter mud, and you might get wet feet (depending on conditions) so get your mind ready for puddle splashing and childlike grins. I'm even partial to doing aeroplane arms on the downhill bits :)

The reasons why I run, and a few of my thoughts on fell running can be found on this blog post.

Quick note about gear:
Shoes: As we'll be running off-road it's important to have the correct footwear, but please don't let this put you off joining in if you don't yet have trail or fell trainers. I'll tailor each session to suit what you turn up in, there really are plenty of places we can get off-road without needing really technical shoes.
Warm stuff: it's best to bring/wear a waterproof jacket and bring hat/gloves/buff just in case, and to suit the weather on the day.

UK Athletics qualified Fell Leader in Running Fitness
MTA Hill & Moorland Leader

Buxton Advertiser, May 2014

Lovely comments from people I've guided:
★★★★★Lynne is a great person to go running with because she cares not just about making it home in time for tea and cakes, but she also makes sure that all the runners in the group are happy and we get a chance to admire the scenery and learn a bit about the landscape. She's also spot on with her hillswomanship - I'd still feel perfectly safe if we were stranded in a thick, freezing claggy spot miles from home. (ZB)

★★★★★I loved running with Lynne today. I had no idea that there was so much rugged beauty to be discovered on my doorstep. The climb to the top was such hard work but made easier with encouragement from Lynne. Running downhill was the best bit though! Can't wait for the next one. (RA)

★★★★★Highly recommended ! I Love running with Lynne she's motivated and encouraging which is just what I need. see you next week. (AB)

★★★★★I am a complete beginner to the idea of fell running, and Lynne has been the perfect guide to introduce me to this new 'hobby'. Lynne is an excellent guide, who has a lot of experience and knowledge of the area and is also well equipped for each run. I can thoroughly recommend the organised runs, although I warn you that you will get muddy, but the sense of achievement and the views at the top are all worth it! (RB)

A great morning run! I'm not a regular athlete, but I was made welcome and the pace was fair both up and down the hill. The route was also excellent, showing me some of the glossop hills I've not seen before, and some walks I'll probably do myself again. It's great to get outdoors, and it felt like in no time at all we had left Glossop behind us and found the wonderful countryside!
Thanks Lynne! (MH)

Great bit of off road running this morning thanks to Lynne Taylor & VH if you fancy it - take a look at Running delights page for next events :))) (ED)

★★★★★ Runners out there will recognise the feeling: an early start, a proper workout, and the rest of the day you have waves of endorphins combined with tired muscles. Brilliant. Superb run up to the Lancaster bomber crash site: Lynne does an excellent job of navigation and motivation in equal parts. First proper fell run for me, and I'll be back. (DE)

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