Thursday, 16 January 2014

Janathon #16

What a glorious day to be out running, hardly any breeze, sunshine teasing us on the hills above, and the wonderful thundering sound of water overflowing both Derwent and Howden dams...our route (I had company today) took us from Fairholmes, all the way up to Kings Tree, around both dams in a clockwise direction. Here's a few photos which give you the idea of the water overflowing but don't do it justice...go visit the dams if you can, soon - this doesn't happen all that often!

the first view of Derwent dam with water overflowing as we climbed up the first small incline
Top of the dam wall is hidden by the overflowing water on Howden dam as we head south
Derwent dam with the torrents of water flowing over the dam wall
up close and getting damp right next to Derwent dam wall
Derwent dam
Derwent dam, last view as we return to the car
Total distance today....17km in 1hr 37mins, average pace 5:41/km which is great considering this is the longest run I've done since the end of November, and considering I've run everyday in January, clocking up 19 runs and 120km so far this month. 

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