Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Janathon #14

A bright patch in the otherwise grey sky appeared. Quick put on the running shoes and go run, I say to myself! My route took me through Manor Park, past Shire Hill hospital, up and round Swineshaw reservoir (right through the very boggy fields, splish splash through the puddles with a grin on my face), back to Old Glossop. In a spur of the moment decision I decided that the probable 6km total wouldn't be enough so I turned left not right and circumnavigated around Shire Hill and back home via Mossy Lea.

Swineshaw Reservoir looking towards Cock Hill - the latter being obscured by the mist/fog
same reservoir but a little further around, looking towards Shire Hill
Waterfall flowing in full force at the bottom of the reservoir
Total run today was 8.7km in 48:03, with and average pace of 5:31/km. I really pushed on the descent down into Glossop, getting my pace to about 3:45-4:00min/km. Good to get the legs turning quicker, even with gravity helping them along.

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