Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Do. Done. Doing.

A good day today, and it's only 4.15pm. I write 4.15pm at the start so I can see how long it takes me to draft this blog.

As I've just been doing my strength and conditioning session for today I was pondering exactly where my time has gone today. Is that the right way to think about it? For time goes by anyway. What I actually mean is, What Have I Done? What have I accomplished? and, am I satisfied that I have used my time to it's full?

All this thought has been provoked by a short book I read yesterday. My good friend Matt gave me a link to that book in his comment on my post Procrastination and Words just yesterday. It was an enthralling read, taking me about a 'mug of coffee time' to work my way down the text. Head over to my other blog if you're remotely curious.

Anyway, what have I done today. As I trained I considered my time, and this is where I have spent it (rough timings as I wasn't really clock watching as I got on with stuff):

up at 5.20am
5.50am running on the Dawn Patrol til just before 7am
7-8am breakfast, shower, chatting to Tim, made a tray of flapjack
8-9am study/work
9-10am barefoot exercises, including a 20minute barefoot walk and plyometrics
10-11am study/work
11-1130am snack, tea, house stuff
1130-1pm study
1-2pm lunch, getting ready for work,afternoon tea & flapjack
2-2.30pm chatting to Tim, house stuff
2.30-3.15pm study/work
3.15pm-4.15pm strength & conditioning
4.15pm onwards....writing this blog. (its now 4.22pm)

That includes four or so quality hours of study/work during which time I've completed 3 worksheets each containing 15-20 questions on physiology, health, nutrition and training - lots of reading and research needed for those too. I've had a fairly packed 11 hours already, and yet I still have a quality 5.5hrs before I go to bed.

I'm happy my day has been packed and busy. By the time I've had a short mental break (I'll knit, so I'm actually still achieving something) it will be about 5.30pm. There's then dinner to make, more work to do, and I need to fit in my hour of quality reading (see pic below) which I would normally have done first thing but today was Dawn Patrol day.

Right then. No time to fritter away here.......onwards I go...

ps. blog finished/posted by 4.32pm - setting a timer to get things done with focus helps!

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