Monday, 5 March 2018

Snow Adventure

It's fair to say we have had a bit of weather over the last week or so. Snow. Wind. Gales. More Snow. Much more Wind. It was so cold and windy that going outside to the bin seemed like an epic adventure on some days. So quite frankly I hibernated a little.

But, with some brighter weather I got out and did a short 5km run and a 6km walk on Friday last week. On Saturday I ran the route of Glossop parkrun - the event itself was cancelled but knowing I needed to get out and run but didn't want to get any height meant the parkrun route was perfect for an easy outing. Kahtoola spikes were most definitely needed and I have never run in my massive down mitts before - they too were necessary in the biting wind.

The weather was brighter by Saturday lunchtime so I got some kit together and headed out in search of a drift I could dig a snowhole in. I had an Alpkit brewkit and some hot chocolate packed too. It wasn't necessary to walk far - in fact I could have dug a hole in the field behind our garden but I wanted a little more of a local adventure so I headed up Lightside....drifts a plenty there!  After a brief look around I settle on my drift and got too with the digging.

It was around 2ft in that it dawned on my I have no knowledge of the best way to dig a hole. Given this one was only needed for a short time I didn't worry too much, but vowed to look up/ask about how to dig a hole if you need to sleep in it.

There comes a point in digging a hole that you need to get into it to dig further...steamed up glasses, snow falling down my neck and a while later I have a hole big enough to get into.

I deemed the sensible thing, given the hole wasn't all that big, was to brew up outside, then duck in to sit a while and savour my well earned hot choc.

Enjoy the photos....I had a great time and was only a couple of kilometres from home!