Thursday, 9 January 2014

Janathon #09 Squelch!

It's going well in the Janathon challenge; nine days have been completed, with twelve runs and 61km in total. Here's a summary of each day's distance:

1 - 5km
2i - 5km
2ii - 2km barefoot
3 - 7.4km
4 - 2km barefoot
5 - 10.28km fell run
6i - 5.4km
6ii - 3km run to bootcamp and back
7i - 2km barefoot
7ii - 2.67km with janathon buddy
8 - 8km
9 - 8km

Today's run took me onto the hill, leaving tarmac behind in preference for the squelchy muddy paths around Shire Hill and up onto just about the edge of Bleaklow. I need to build up my hill climbing strength so I put in a few reps on the 1km climb up Lightside. I didn't want to be bothered with timing the reps so I counted steps instead, doing 50 paces steady running, 50 paces walking to recover....well that was the theory. Good news is I didn't stop all the way up. Even the hail that was falling behaved by only blasting into my back, as soon as I turned to drop off the hill it stopped and the view cleared.
climbing up Lightside, looking over towards Doctors Gate
Shire Hill
I'm heading into that...and somewhere in it is the cairn to mark the high point of my run
heading back down...
just been up in that claggy rainy hail cloud
looking over towards Cock is in that hail cloud somewhere!

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