Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I went to a photography talk and slide show last week - a friend had invited me along and I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about my own photography. The chap giving the talk (Ian Bramham) lives local(ish)ly and I rather hoped he would have lots of lovely inspiring photos of the Peak District. There were sadly precious few photos of the local area (urban landscapes are more his thing), but his photos were more than inspiring for me. He has some amazing shots, and I have been inspired to renew my passion for photography. As such, I've joined a website which Ian recommended, Aminus3, and the photo's I'm posting can be viewed over there. Here's one which I've already posted (I know it's on my blog somewhere else, just shows I really love this photo!):

Icicles hanging from a balcony in Keystone, Colorado

I'm starting the project by using photos I've already taken, but I have already been out with my camera to take new ones specifically for this project.  There's no particular theme to my pictures, they are just what catches my eye. My typical interest is for landscapes, unusual shapes and abstract things. I like details, patterns and textures, and I shall be using some of my fell running exploits to take photos. I've already got several ideas for shots I want to take.

I'm not the most accomplished photographer, nor do I claim to know the technical aspects of how to take pictures particularly well. But I'm learning. I also dug out my black and white film photos that I took, developed and printed several years back when I did a B&W developing course. I've been saying for years that one day I'd like my own developing studio, in reality that may never happen now there is the ease of digital photography. Perhaps I might have to invest in some photo manipulating software...and therein lies a whole other topic to discuss sometime!

Monday, 12 November 2012


First run in 9 days this morning and I'm pleased to report that my knee didn't give any pain. Bad news is that I had forgotten to charge my garmin - that is after I forgot to turn it off after a turbo session last week. So I have the first 2.5km of my run recorded and all indications are that I might have been on for a new 5km PB. I shall never know.  The run was very wet and a little windy, but my OMM kamelika smock performed brilliantly. As usual I was too warm but venting the big front zip works. Could have done with some gloves though, chilly on the hands.


Where has time gone to this past month or so?! There's not much to report really. Here's some stats from past month or so:

1-7 Oct - ran 37.70km, 1 turbo session, 2 strength sessions

8-14 Oct - ran 65.83km, 1 turbo session,  1 walk. Saturday run was long at 25km and I felt some knee pain.

15-21 Oct - ran 36.09km, 1 turbo session. Knee pain gradually worsened over the week. Possible ITB inflammation?

22-28 Oct - ran 15.89km, 1 strength session. Easy week with just 3 short runs. Lots of foam rollering, soft tissue therapy, stretching and icing knee.

29 Oct-4 Nov  last few days/Nov - ran 15.28km very easy, 1 strength session. Knee pain kicks in at 20 minutes. It's not acute pain, just a noticeable pain that tells me to stop. So I stop.

5-11 Nov - full week of rest from running as knee hasn't improved over the last week. Did 3x 40min turbo sessions focusing on strength.

I'm just about to head out for a short run to see how the knee is, nice and easy. I feel like I've lost all my fitness over the past 3 weeks. I also feel like I've lost my motivation. Having an injury brings up lots of emotions and while I know what I'm to do and how I need to feel it is hard. I miss being able to run easily. I've done plenty of foam rollering, stretching, received loads of soft tissue therapy and followed the advice I give my clients - if there's pain it's there telling you to stop - lets see if it's all paid off.

A photo to inspire me...taken by Tim on our run from Glossop to Chinley for the beer festival. That was a good day, I ran strong and kept up with the boys relaxed pace.