Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lantern Pike Dash fell race

For many reasons I chose to run the Lantern Pike Dash fell race this year. The main reason being because I can. Not perhaps because I want to, this race isn't one I would seek out with masses of enthusiasm. But, I can run, so I did run.

It is a ridiculously short race, departing from a field behind the Lantern Pike pub, going up to the trig at the top of the hill then turning and coming straight back down. 2km logged on my watch and an unconfirmed race time of 29:43. I ran with a running mate from the Glossopdale Harriers - her very first fell race and we were aiming for a sub 30 minute so target hit nicely.

The hill is stupendously steep...no real path, just a vague trod through the grass and heather and bilberry bushes. Going up there were times I needed to pull on the flora....and coming down Mandy did a spectacular slide - deliberately of course. Much merriment and fun was had, and a massive load of us from Glossopdale were there creating a sea of blue and orange.

Mandy and I...at the very top and about to round the trig before the descent

Thanks to whoever took the photos and to Mandy for a brilliant 30 minute dash up and down a hill on a gloriously sunny day.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Yomping adventure

We live in such a gloriously beautiful place, Glossop, right on the edge of Kinder Scout and Bleaklow. This weekend the moorland was home for the night...a bivi in a cabin without a door. And it was breathtaking.

Myself and Eleanor left Glossop with heavy packs containing all we'd need for the next 24 hours. Self sufficiency on our backs and no pressure to be anywhere at any time in particular. Our route took us up past Chunal cabin, to Mill Hill and down Ashop Clough. A brew stop at the ruined cabin was our first real stop but we didn't loiter too long in the chilly wind.

Onwards down the valley we entered Lady Clough on the final part of our route for the day. The woods were delightful, wandering through pine trees next to the babbling river. We paused in the woods to collect a small supply of firewood, just in case we could light a fire safely. Then up the valley, across the road and on to the cabin. Our 4 star accommodation for the night.

Our luck was in - a flat stone big enough to build a fire on. We got settled and chatted the night away. Tealights surrounded by foil created a wonderful warming glow in the cabin. A small quickly built wall in the doorway stopped any sheep joining us for the night and at dusk, when it started to get dark we climbed into our sleeping bags and drifted in and out of sleep through the night. I was definitely on the cool side of being comfortable but it was worth it for the peace and glorious dawn witnessed through the doorway of the cabin.

An early start was in order just to keep warm - breakfast and a good coffee set us up for the meander back to Glossop. Our time on the return leg was spent discussing future adventures.

Sunrise, just quite simply glorious

Happy adventurers!