Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Janathon #07

A day of two runs, not just one.

Part 1: barefoot, 2km running at 180 beats per minute (aided by the trusty metronome to keep the cadence up). Tim and I headed out just before 8.30am for our round the block tippy-toe run in our fivefingers....all part of the running economy/barefoot research project we're taking part in. If you want to know more about that have a look at my updates from week 1 here...and week 2....and weeks 3 & 4.

Part 2: a lovely run around a local reservoir over in the Longdendale valley with fellow Janathon runner Wendy. Pop over to Wendy's blog to see how she's getting on with the challenge. Along with a good natter we had the obligatory photo shoot to capture the moment...

me....on the dam wall of Bottoms Reservoir
and Wendy heading the right way 
great view over the water, the sun just teasing us
And now I'm sat inside with a brew the weather has turned to rain again, thankfully it was dry for us, just a few interesting puddles to negotiate...or go through as was the case. Trail shoes are now drying off with newspaper stuffed inside to draw out the water.


  1. Make that two pairs of shoes drying out with newspaper, sorry about that Lynne. Totally forgot about the enormous puddle!

    1. absolutely fine, very unusual for me to return home with a dry pair of running shoes anyway...adds to the fun :)