Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tasmania - East Coast trip

During our trip to Tassie our mates pulled a surprise on us and managed to grab themselves a week away from their farm - no small feat given they have pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, a dog, thousands of apple trees and much more to look after on a daily basis. Things were aligned though, they had two relatives/friends staying and helping on the farm so they could steal away with us and show us the stunning East Coast.  We are eternally grateful that we could share some precious time with them away from the farm.

The trip started by driving northwards through Hobart and on to the Tasman peninsula, staying in White Beach. We took day trips out to Cape Hauy, Fortescue Bay and round to Bivouac Bay, tried to do the hike to Cape Raoul but sadly the trail was closed for maintenance, and generally chilled out.

We then headed further north to the Frecinet peninsula for three nights in Coles Bay. However, Tim, myself, Rob and Matt headed out for a 2 night camp in the Frecinet National Park. First day was walking round headlands and across wonderful sandy beaches - quite a challenge with full camping gear walking over the soft sand. The camp was so close to the beach the waves crashing down kept me awake but oh, the Milky Way viewing was magnificent.

On the second day we hiked up and over Mt Graham to camp at Wineglass Bay. After two days of hot sticky weather and being covered in sweat and sunscreen we took a refreshing dip in the sea. Another fairly sleepless night (for me it was worse as I'd been ill, most likely because of heatstroke) but we had noisy neighbours on the camp! Shockingly annoying in such a stunning and remote part of the world. The morning brought predicted rain so with me still not 100% we departed early for the 2 hour hike back to the car and to the comfort of our beach cottage.

That evening we had a meal out then back to the beach and Matt showed the guys how to fish...we lucked out too, Matt and Tim both caught fish which we ate back in Geeveston the following night.

Here's this bunch of photos...most likely (definitely) out of order but you get the idea!

Cape Hauy, the guys looking down to the Totem Pole

The Totem Pole - a very famous climb that is not for the faint hearted

on the way to Cape Hauy

super amazingly fresh fruity icecream - made in front of our very eyes


kookaburra even closer! 

possum at our first camp

Climbing up Mt Graham

looking down to Wineglass Bay on right, Cooks Beach on left, from Mt Graham

on our way down to Wineglass Bay

Rob and Matt in the water at Wineglass Bay

Tim's fish read to cook