Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Back on it

It's been a while blog readers.
I offer no apologies.
Life got busy. Running got a bit 'meh'.
So I took it easy, did way less kilometres than I normally run.
I've done plenty of work in the gym, and over the last few months of 2016 pondered what 2017 would bring for me in the world of running.

What would be my goals?

Knowing that I needed something to focus on and get back onto consistent running I did the #AdventRunning challenge - run every day from 1st to 25th of December. Along with a couple of mates for encouragement, I got to the 25th and felt invigorated about running for the first time in a long time (maybe since the Bryce Canyon ultra in June 2016). I aimed for approx. 5km per day and succeeded in doing over 35km each week. The running gave me time to think about 2017.

I have chosen a few races to aim for in 2017, here's what's in the calendar so far:

London Marathon, 23 April, 26.2 miles having a great tourist day sightseeing around London (and a bit of running!). If you know me you will have heard me say 'I'll never run a road marathon' - what I would omit to saying is 'unless it's London'. I don't have a time in mind as such, so don't ask. I want to enjoy the experience and soak it all up. There's a few other Glossopdale Harriers who are running it too but whether in the crowd we ever see each other is doubtful. It will be comforting to know I have friends amongst the 30,000+ runners (the thought of running amongst so many others is quite terrifying). If you want to encourage me further then I'm raising funds for Glossop Mountain Rescue Team via JustGiving.

Old Crown Round, 22 July, 24 miles around the Lake District, starting and finishing at a brewery and including a snifter of beer on the top of 4 hills it isn't exactly going to be a 'race' - rather more like a lovely day in the hills. There's already a few other Glossopdale Harriers signed up so we should be in for a grand social weekend away.

St Bega's Ultra, 26 August, 35 miles (or possibly 36 if you read the route description) - which states: "Runners follow the route of the legendary Irish princess, St Bega, travelling between two chapels, that both bear her name. The Start is in the heart of the Lake District, overlooking Bass Lake near Keswick, and the Finish and race HQ is in the west coast village of St Bees, the start of Wainwright's coast to coast walk. Between these two points, lay 36 ‘country’ miles, of some of the most varied and beautiful country the Lake District has to offer. "

I'll look out for a few other races in between London and the OCR, and get to as many of the Glossopdale champs races as I can.

Training for London - no specific detail on this one just yet, I will post about it along the way. My basic plan is a speed rep session Tuesdays, tempo run Thursdays and a long run at the weekend - no magic, just a common sense marathon plan. It's now just under 15 weeks to go. That's a long time for a mixture of emotions to bubble up in my head, but equally such a short time in terms of training and getting myself prepared for the 26.2miles of tarmac.

As I said above, I'm raising funds for my local mountain rescue team, they do amazing work in the hills where I live and are all volunteers - that's right, no payment and they don't even get all the kit they take out with them paid for.  Head over to the JustGiving page if you want to chuck a couple of quid in their pot, I know first hand they will appreciate it.