Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 Aspirations

The start of a new year is good inspiration for many people to begin their journey towards new (or existing) goals. I am one of those people too. Goals give me purpose and I like ticking things off a list once completed. Here then, are my goals for 2013 - though as I did in 2012, my goals will be reviewed regularly and will not get in the way of other stuff that comes along in the weeks and months to come. Life does, as we all know, get busy. And as someone commented on a recent blog of mine, as long as I'm having fun....that is the main thing.

#1   Run 10km in under 50 minutes (currently at around 58mins though haven't particularly tried to go fast).

#2   Run Glossop to Hope in under 3hrs 45mins - see my Home from Home blog for my 2012 run.

#3   Run Herod Farm fell race quicker than last year's race. I'd be happy with under 40mins.

#4   10 chin ups - this was on last years list, and I did reach 7 at one point...must try harder this year.

#5   Box jump onto big box (will measure it next time I'm at the gym - its 31 inches high)

#6   Complete my Walking Group Leaders Award training

#7  Successfully achieve my Walking Group Leaders Award (won't know if this is possible in 2013 until the training has been completed)

#8  Handstand press-up

I'm sure there's going to be many other interim goals I shall set out to achieve, these will do for me. Here's hoping 2013 is not quite so wet as this year!!

A small selection of maps on our shelf...


  1. Some great goals there and looking forward to seeing and hearing/reading when you achieve them. Just started my own blog which starts with my goals if interested.

    1. Thanks Simon, I've had a read of your blog...good luck with your goals. I've added a couple of extra events to my list now too - the mini mountain marathons in March and April

    2. Those are great aspirations, Lynne! Well impressed. Sheesh - the big box?! I am scared of that one as I know I'd end up falling on my face somehow.

    3. I'm not as far off jumping the big box as I thought...another 5 or 6 mats on the medium box should have me there. I'll build up slowly though

  2. NB. just updated this to include aim #8 - the Handstand press-up.

  3. Quick update - big box has been measured, it's 31 inches high. I'm currently jumping onto the mid-sized box + 7 or 8 mats which measure 25.5 inches. Only another 5.5 inches to go.