Monday, 7 July 2014

Tour de France 2014

The build up to The Tour had been great, lots of anticipation and excitement, lots of discussions about where people would be watching from on day 2 as the race passed over Holme Moss and up Woodhead (the closest point to Glossop). We opted for a 10 mile walk over Bleaklow, taking the most direct line, to bring us out at Woodhead tunnel, the eastern end of the Longdendale trail. We ended up being a party of 6 walkers....with 2 cyclists heading down the trail to meet up with us on the other side.

Approaching Bleaklow Head on the walk over to Woodhead from Glossop
View down to Woodhead as we descend Near Far Black Clough
Woodhead road from our vantage point on Ironbower Rocks
The reason for a big rucksack - real fresh ground coffee for our brew!
Waiting for the caravan
Helicopters - they were amazing, buzzing overhead and very low
Haribo caught.....and I got some Yorkshire The
Lead rider coming though
Chasing pack
and there they go...
After the peleton had passed us, and the remaining cyclists mixed in with the support car convoy, we packed up our gear and headed back over the hill. I was really envious of those who'd cycled over but looking at the photos later of the bike-traffic-jams down the road and on the trail our walk back home may well have been quicker! Apart from a short shower of rain as we headed back home the weather was superb, there was even enough wind to keep the midges away!! What an amazing experience. Vive la Tour!

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