Friday, 11 July 2014

Lake District Fell Running Day 2

We afforded ourselves a lay in at YHA Helvellyn, mainly because they don't start serving breakfast until 7.30am. Our plans for the day were a route approximately 15km long but over breakfast our tired bodies reduced that to a stroll alongside Ullswater. But, we couldn't have that.......we were there for fell running (or as it becomes in the Lake District when you are carrying a and slow running the flat and descents - but shhhh, don't tell anyone!). 

With the lame plan to do not a lot dismissed we filled up on a decent breakfast, so decent that I wondered if I could walk let alone run as we set off up Glenridding. Today's route took in Catstye Cam (890m) from the lowly height of around 290m at the YHA, dropping down to pick up the start of Swirral Edge, scrambling up there to the summit of Helvellyn (949m) then across to Lower Man (925m), down and across the saddle to Whiteside Bank (863m) and then on to Raise (883m). I was starting to enjoy the freedom of moving faster than walking pace as we left behind walkers at each summit. I was even beginning to gain confidence on the rocky terrain I've previously done my best to avoid. Good news for future trips to the Lakes.

From Raise we headed on a bearing to pick up the first zig-zag of the path that drops eastwards from Whiteside Bank, above Red Screes and down into Glenridding. We'd had thoughts of staying high and heading to Stybarrow and Watson's Dodd but with legs and body weary from yesterday we knew that we shouldn't push ourselves to breaking point - we want to be able to run and train this week! Today was another glorious sunny blue sky day plus fluffy white clouds. Welcome cloud cover came as we left Raise though it remained very warm. Enjoy the photos from today:

Shoes being put on in the sunshine
Top of Catstye Cam
View from Catstye Cam to Helvellyn with Swirral Edge
View from Catstye Cam descent across to Raise and
zig-zag path we'd pick up later

Helvellyn from Catstye Cam

On Swirral Edge with Catstye Cam behind me

Scrambling up Swirral Edge
Looking right down Swirral Edge with Catstye Cam and Ullswater behind
Top of Swirral Edge looking to Helvellyn summit
Leaving Whiteside Bank with Raise ahead
Lovely airborne shot of me running with Whiteside Bank
behind and Helvellyn off to the left
Raise summit cairn 
Leaving Raise and heading to the zig-zag path
Water splashes to refresh myself!
Another super Lake District day, well morning actually. We left the hostel at around 9am and were back there for 11.30am. We covered about 11km with (the all important bit) nearly 900m of ascent. Pretty decent I reckon for a short run! The scramble up Swirral Edge was lovely, nothing that got me gripped or scared. I took plenty of time to stop and look around and importantly down to the valleys below and all was good in my head! With scrambling becoming a little easier I'm really pleased, there is however much training to do in general before those Lakes mountains get easier!

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