Sunday, 28 December 2014

Snow, Sledging and Skiing

What an absolutely cracking wander up onto Bleaklow. Today was guaranteed to be blue skies, low wind and stunning views with the blanket of snow that is laying over the hills, all the way down to Glossop town. Utterly irresistible to get out there, yet for the majority of our walk/ski/sledge on Bleaklow we had the hillsides to ourselves. Bliss.

Myself, Tim and Dave wandered over to Mossy Lea together, then they put on skis+skins and headed over to James Thorn via Doctors Gate. Me and my walking boots (sledge in bag for the downhills) headed up to the pond at the back of Shelf Benches. None of us found the going easy with snow drifts ankle, knee and even thigh deep in places. The guys on their skis had to contend with tufty grass and uneven surfaces - it looked easier on the way up than down! Massive fun though, well worth the effort. I took lots of photos, this is just a small selection (possibly not in order), though still numerous....enjoy!

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