Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sense-loss in the Snow

I had a super run out onto Bleaklow today, totally missed what was probably an amazing inversion but I did experience total loss of feeling in both feet, muffled hearing loss due to windproof beanie, lips chilled so much I needed to avoid any moisture getting on them, and vision reduced so much it was quite funny. The visual thing was due to fog, watery eyes in the freezing wind, and then a snow storm that blew in as I descended. Enjoy the photos, they really don't do the experience justice but they're good reminders for me.
Tim was also out doing his own run...he's just disappearing
down James Thorn here.
Rocks in the mirk
Testing navigational conditions so a good job I know the way
Target acquired....Higher Shelf Stones trig point,
about 450m higher than my start point
More amazing ice crystals
Rocks at Higher Shelf Stones
A little drift of snow
The way home...
In a snow shower descending from James Thorn
With the exception of having really really cold toes I was toasty warm in my ultratherm jacket, beanie, buff, gloves and waterproof mitts. It was a little eerie being out alone in the foggy mirk, especially when it went quite dark just before the snow started. Great fun though, hope we get more snow so I can use the plastic bag I carried but didn't use - they make the best sledges ever :)

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