Friday, 18 April 2014

My Top 10 places to visit

I've been living in Glossop for three years now and I've had plenty of time to get out running, walking and exploring the hills nearby. It's great because there are so many beautiful places that are really close by. Often I'll visit a place and say to myself that I'll go back there really soon, only to find I'm off exploring elsewhere and don't get back for ages. Here's my Top 10 places and a few thoughts on each:

1. James Thorn
This is probably one place that I visit the most. The hill just appeals to me, it calls me to get to the top, even if it is a challenge sometimes. I've been up in all weathers and never tire of climbing up and pausing at the top to catch my breath while taking in the glorious view.

2. Chunal Cabin
Chunal Cabin is nestled on the moorland here on Chunal Moor. It's often included as the far point on a run, or a place to past on a longer loop up to the Pennine Way or onto the Kinder Plateau. If it's on the return section of a run it signifies that I'm nearly home.
Chunal Cabin

3. Swineshaw Reservoir
A lovely reservoir with great views. The surrounding fields always provide plenty of mud, and I love seeing the peacocks on the nearby farm. It's always invigorating to run up the side of the waterfall just below the reservoir.

4. Mossy Lea & Shire Hill
A well trodden track up to Mossy Lea Farm and forms part of a lovely 5km loop or the starting point of longer runs. Shire Hill is also a great place for doing hill reps and getting some technical footwork practice without needing to go very far.

5. Brae Clough
A location seldom visited, but one that is very beautiful and tranquil. It can be a real heather bash to get to the waterfall, but it is well worth the effort. There's a few ways to approach the waterfall, my favorite is to drop down to it from the North.
6. Brown Hill & Jumble
Lovely paths through fields, lots of brambles in autumn and a good place to spot buzzards. On early morning runs (our Dawn Patrols) we often see and hear the owls. Pictured here on a sunset run.

7. The Pike
This is one of those places that's easily missed on runs because it's a bit of hill sticking out over Dowstone Clough. It isn't on the way to anywhere, unless you're going for the steep down and up over to Dog Rock. I like the dramatic nature of the view here - the steep banks, the crags and Yellowslacks brook flowing far below.
The Pike is viewed here from near Dog Rock.

8. Shelf Benches
Close enough to incorporate on a run of an hour or so, yet you feel miles from anywhere. The only visible sign of civilisation is the farm and sheep in the fields below. At this time of year it is great to see the lapwings returning to their breeding sites.

9. Cock Hill
Easily reached from Old Glossop this is another of my favorite spots. I'm still finding new parts to the quarry to explore and different ways to approach the trig point. The views from the summit are delightful.

10. Wormstones
The closest crag to Glossop and comes with a beautiful vista over Chunal Moor. It's also a useful place if you need a bit of shelter on a windy day.  The crag here is catching the early morning sun, photo taken from near Chunal Cabin.
Closer view of Wormstones

Want to explore these locations? Unsure how to find them? Then let me help you. I will gladly include one of these locations on a Running Delights Guided Run, or a private one-to-one hill session. Just send me an email to get a date sorted

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