Sunday, 27 April 2014

Guided Wreck Run

Low cloud hung over the trig point at Higher Shelf Stones this morning...I can see it from my I knew it was going to be claggy on the tops. With waterproofs, emergency kit and my mudclaws laced up I set off to meet a couple of runners and guide them to the trig, visit the B29 Over Exposed plane wreck nearby, and bring them safely back down to Old Glossop.

As I expected, it was fairly blustery on top with a little moisture in the air from the low cloud, but visibility was fairly good. There's no getting away from the fact that your feet will get wet on the hill - combined with the wind today my toes got a little chilly. As we started to descend back down to Glossop we could see the sunshine on it's way, bringing some welcome warmth to our hands and feet! Enjoy the photos...

James Thorn in the cloud as we ascend up Doctors Gate
Running up Doctors Gate, Higher Shelf Stones are just tucked under a cloud at the far left
Looking back down Doctors Gate and where we came up
Heading along the top of Crooked Clough with the waterfall down below
Approaching the trig point and highest point of the run at 621m
Spot the runner among the plane wreckage
Two walkers approaching the wreck site from a different direction,
barely visible in the low cloud
Is the trig point that way? Nope! Good job I know the way :)
Heading towards James Thorn
Sunshine way below us lighting up Mossy Lea Farm and Shire Hill
Still misty up the top of Doctors Gate as we descend
and now the cloud has lifted off James Thorn
For more pictures at the wreck from a different run up there have a look at this post. If you are interested in learning more about the history of plane wrecks in the Peak District this is a good site to start:

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