Friday, 27 April 2012

Kinder Trespass

With foul weather shrouding Kinder it seemed more than appropriate for the joint fell running club Kinder Trespass run to be happening last night. Gritty determination of those folk 80 years ago made it possible for us to wander on them there hills today, so a little bit of driving rain, paths resembling rivers and a bit of wind would not put us off! 

I reckon there was nigh on 50 runners assembled outside the Royal Oak in Hayfield for the 7pm start. I chatted with a chap from Goyt, there were plenty of Pennine and Glossopdale runners, a few Dark Peakers and a few others. Running up the Snake Path towards the White Cabin brought back memories of just a few days before, the Kinder Downfall fell race on Sunday - also run in very similar conditions.

Running up the Snake Path from Hayfield, towards White Cabin. Credit to Tim for all photos.

I split off with the lower level group from the bridge at the bottom of William Clough; the other group were heading up, the exact route I don't know. I later learnt they'd gone to the Downfall and round to Kinderlow End, that's some run in those conditions, and with darkness approaching too.  I remember glancing back towards the Downfall, from somewhere under Kinderlow - the Downfall was totally engulfed in cloud which would have been giving the guys up there a super-soaking and zero visibility.

Looking South back towards Hayfield
The group I ran with stayed low, skirting round the reservoir on mostly very runnable paths, just a couple of short sharp ascents. Underfoot it was either totally immersed in water, ankle deep muddy trods, some grassy sections or a combination of the three plus lots of wetness. Only when we were descending back to Hayfield, where we hit the grass (and rejoined the Downfall route), did the ground become less sloshy and just soggy wet and springy.

Gathering before groups split at the bridge at the bottom of William Clough
It was great to run with runners from other clubs, catch up and talk about doing more joint social runs - count me in. The conversation flowed and the pub buzzed as runners came back at various points. The common theme amongst us all was that we were soaked, but all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to everyone who came out, we should do it again soon (but maybe with slightly better weather!).

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