Sunday, 1 April 2012

3 months

Yes, it's already 3 months into the year, isn't it wonderful how time flies when you're having fun. But how's my progress doing against my 2012 Aspirations?

#1 - 24 GDH runs: only managed 1 run with the club this month (making 5/6 for the first 3 months of the year). Work came in on the first Tuesday of the month (hard to turn it down when you're self employed), and two other Tuesdays I was out on the hill during the day doing long nav runs. The weather was so good the opportunity to get on the hill in glorious sunshine was just too good to ignore so I missed one club run but gained a whole lot.
#2 - run 3 fell races: 2 complete - Kinder Trial on 28 January and Dark&White Mini MM on 18 March.
#3 - cover 25km in one go: max distance 19.25km (Kinder Trial).

#4 - 10 body weight chin ups: maximum in one go is now 6, an increase of 1 since the end of February so progress is steady and good. Only 4 more to go before I hit target - I should easily do that in the next 3 months.

Just me, a map and a compass....and a whole lot of Bleaklow bog!
At the end of February I had a short review and noted a few things in my training that needed to be addressed, here's how they're going:
  • run 3 times a week - achieved during March. I've worked hard to ensure I get out there and run more and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. If anything has been dropped out of my training programme it has been turbo recovery sessions, swapped for pure rest, now that can't be a bad thing?!
  • weekend away - nope. we had planned to have a day in the Lakes this week but the mass hysteria of the petrol crisis occurred and we didn't want to get stranded.
  • more time on the hill doing navigation and learning the local area - achieved. I've had one night navigation session, an MR night exercise, and I've been deliberately choosing new areas for my runs to increase my familiarity and practice navigation. I also did the mini MM which was all about the nav! Plus I'm spending time looking at the map, google earth and revising previously visited areas.
  • increase running distance - achieved, overall I've been doing longer runs and feeling stronger on them. There's not been any massive hike in my distance but that would be a bad thing. In the past month I've done two runs at +17km and two at +12km. 
Running down from Dog Rock towards Yellowslacks at the end of a run across Bleaklow
April is shaping up to be a busy's the plan for my training. It's starting off well....I'm off for a run around the Kinder Downfall race route this morning.

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