Saturday, 18 March 2017


After about five years of promising to visit friends who had relocated to Tasmania (the island off the south of Australia) we finally got there!  It was the most memorable, heart-warming and cherished of holidays. Words aren't needed, here's a few photos from our visit to Our Mates' Farm.

our first view of the farm from up the top

sunset on our first day

we ate lots of cherries

run / walk to Arve Falls

Masaaki at work

finest sushi in Tasmania, right in Geeveston
and the sushi kept coming

Willie Smith's Apple Shed - amazing cider and food

running down a forest road

helping out on the farm - stripping off water shoots

the dam...water for irrigation and home to very shy platypus'

apples galore

cheeky little Popit! 

Hobart parkrun before the start

on top of Mount Wellington

Stupendous views from Mount Wellington over Hobart and beyond

Salamanca market, Hobart

short legged cows we helped move

Tim getting a lesson in moving electric fencing

helping to cajole pigs into a trailer 

Tim with Princes the super dog

Super gorgeous girl

Another visit to Willie Smiths for cider and lunch

Sunshine on the lawn at Willie Smiths

Please can I have the strawberry Uncle Tim!!!

Tim....driving the tractor

and Tim digging a hole

It wasn't all cider...we got to taste the Fifty Eight Gin too

Helping clear a monster plant in the polytunnel

Lush veggies in and out of the polytunnel

Picking apples!

Matt putting bins out for the apples we picked

looking back to the farmhouse from the far side of the dam

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