Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tasmania - Bruny Island

We took a short trip across to Bruny Island while in Tasmania. The islands (two joined by a famous isthmus) are full of white sandy beaches, beautiful fauna and flora and plenty of places to taste local food and drinks.

tasting cider

big skies, big beaches

the isthmus

Adventure Bay

some beaches weren't sandy, this one was on our Labillardiere Peninsula Trail run

a view through the undergrowth on our run/walk round the peninsula

One of the beaches we encountered

on the Labillardiere Peninsula

#Skylove on our camp

holes and sand deposits made by beach critters

the critters make lovely patterns in the sand

chilling out on the beach

Lighthouse Bay

Bruny Island Lighthouse

View from the lighthouse across the bay

typical trail walk

High point of our walk up Futed Cape

Looking down at tourist boats from Fluted Cape

trail walking back from Fluted Cape

View across Lighthouse Bay - you can just make out the lighthouse

Fluted Cape

More beach...!

Glorious views out to the sea, loads of birds to watch

Penguin Island, just off Fluted Cape

Driving across the isthms, the cyclists were not having fun on the bumpy dirt road

An Echidna at the side of the was alive (we saw loads of roadkill!)

ps photos are a bit out of order, but only we would know :)

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