Thursday, 2 October 2014

B29 Overexposed Commemorative Fell Run

On 3rd November 1948 'Overexposed' - a Boeing B29 Superfortress plane - crashed on the Bleaklow plateau, high above Glossop. This is the largest wreckage site in the area and to commemorate this we are organising a guided fell run to the crash site. Running Delights have organised several group and individual runs onto Bleaklow, and we've been featured in the Buxton Advertiser and Derbyshire Times. We're timing this run to coincide with the annual memorial service which is held at the site at approximately 10.45am.

The possible options for this commemorative run are:
  1. meet at the summit of snake pass and run over Bleaklow, taking us around 1.5hrs and a 6km run or:
  2. run from Old Glossop up Doctors Gate, returning over Bleaklow for a run of around 15km and 2.5hrs.
Either choice gives us plenty of time to attend the memorial service and pause for thought at the wreckage site. At the time of the crash the RAF Mountain Rescue attended the incident, and continuing their good work today Glossop Mountain Rescue Team are responsible for this area of the Peak District.

Once I have an indication of interest I'll finalise the details and add them onto the facebook Event page. This run will take us to a higher elevation than our usual Running Delights sessions so it will be weather dependent and clothing to suit the conditions on the day. The cost will be £5 with any additional money raised being donated to GMRT.

Final approach on the run up to Higher Shelf Stones and the plane wreck

For details of how to book on this guided fell run head over to the facebook Event page or call/text Lynne on 07985251185.

Running Delights 'Wreck Run' as featured in Derbyshire Times and Buxton Advertiser

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