Saturday, 13 September 2014

Kinder Downfall Run & Scramble

A lovely dry, warm September's day dawned and we had plans to head up to Kinder Downfall via River Kinder. We parked at Bowden Bridge and ran along to Kinder Reservoir, along to the bottom of William Clough then beared eastwards. The path along here was overhanging with bracken....and then something red caught our eyes....


My knowledge of mushrooms is more or less limited to those you by in the greengrocers, are edible and tasty. I do however know that wild mushrooms are usually poisonous, or at best to be avoided unless an expert says they're ok. Identifying mushrooms is fraught with dangers, many looking similar. In this case, I think I'm safe in naming these as Amanita muscaria, or Fly Agaric....and yes, they are poisonous. Please do let me know by commenting on this blog if I'm wrong - or to confirm I'm right!

After this delightful distraction looking at the numerous mushrooms and taking pictures we continued on our run, around past Red Brook and into the River Kinder.

Looking back down the river
Sandy Heys, with Kinder Downfall hidden round the corner
Still a few bilberries scattered around here
The downfall now in view
That slab was harder to get over than it looks,
but I did take the interesting route up river
The Kinder Downfall - at least the trickle of water was
falling,  not doing the famous blowing back upwards!
Nearing the top of the scramble
and right under the downfall
Looking towards Mount Famine and South Head
As we topped out onto the edge path we came across three stranded sheep on a ledge, clearly they'd eaten all the vegetation on it and the only option down was about a 20ft drop. We've got photos of their tags and will be seeking out the farmer so we can let them know.

Three stuck sheep
The run back along the edge, down Sandy Heys and back to Bowden Bridge was lovely. I'm really enjoying the combination of a run-scramble-see new areas kind of outing. Believe it or not, we both went to areas on the ground neither of us had been to before. Even though we've both run around the area loads there is still places to explore and find that give you new views and experiences.

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