Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What's in my bag?

Some people love the freedom of fell running, being able to head out with no kit and just go run. I like the freedom too, but I'm a bit of a stickler for being prepared. It has nothing to do with being a girl guide (which I was), but everything to do with being self-sufficient on the hill, come what may. So, you might wonder what I take out with me on a run. If you do, read on.

Unless my run is only half an hour, in good conditions and staying low, then I'll always take out a full load of kit as shown below. Even on short runs I still take a bivi bag, gloves, buff and phone, and a jacket to suit the day. I'll also be wearing my Suunto Ambit watch and have some money/credit card if on a long run or away from home, and of course the house/car keys. For runs in warm weather or over a couple of hours I take a bottle of water, and more food to keep me fueled for the duration. This is all in addition to what I'll be wearing - often a pair of gloves or a buff will be worn but soon taken off and added to the bag contents.

Here's extra equipment I take on longer runs, or when the weather is a bit gnarly (or if rain forecast). 

On all guided runs I always have a first aid kit with me and a 2 or 4 person bothy bag (a group shelter).

I've reviewed a couple of bits of gear shown here, if you want to read more then click on the links below:
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