Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A trig point & a cabin

The route for today's run took us over Chunal Moor, starting with the climb up to Wormstones crag from Gnat Hole. Views over to Glossop are superb from up there. On the way up we were joined by the cuck-oo cuck-oo call of a cuckoo down in The Twitchlins, a cluster of trees at the bottom of Whitehorn Clough.

At Wormstones crag

Continuing on we reached Harry Hut trig point at 440m, so a climb of about 225m in 1.6km...a superb challenge for us all and rewarded by views up to the Kinder Plateau.
Approaching Harry Hut trig point
From the trig point I took us on a little trod (sheep track/little path for runners delights) across the top end of Whitehorn Clough, and down Chunal Moor to the shooting cabin. Along the way we saw a few grouse and a few hairy caterpillars.

I think this might be an Oak Eggar?
http://ukmoths.org.uk/show.php?bf=1637 please correct me if you can correctly identify this little one.

Dropping down the moor to the shooting cabin we practiced our downhill aeroplanes - a great technique for giving you balance on descents.

Looking back to Wormstones from the cabin
From here we were able to enjoy the downhill path towards Brae Clough and back to the road at Derbyshire Level. The predicted rain didn't arrive - we even had to stop to take off jackets it was so warm!

View from road showing most of today's route on a sunny Chunal Moor

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  1. Lovely run in unexpected sunshine, loving the airplane technique pic!