Friday, 9 June 2017

Wincle Trout Fell Race

The motivation to run this race was pretty much entirely fuelled by the novelty that each finisher receives a trout! What a random and useful souvenir to receive by going for a run! This year's race was also one of our Glossopdale Harriers championship races, so it seemed right that I run it.

Tim and I haven't been to Wincle or the area before so drove down really early with a picnic and a plan to recce the start and finish in a leisurely manner before the 2.45pm start. As it happens, we got there so early we walked around the whole route in the glorious sunshine. I do like knowing what is coming along the way in a race so this was a very helpful recce walk.

The route is a loop taking in a few steep descents, a good section through forest on the Dane Valley Way, onto moorland and enough rutted farm fields to mean I didn't want to fully let go on those descents for fear of turning an ankle. There was also a refreshing river crossing and nettles to dodge. Each third year the race starts in a different place, the top- middle- or bottom of the hill. 2017 was the toughest finish, being entirely uphill to the fields high above the Dane River.

crossing the River Dane

letting my legs run free on the firm grass

the final uphill zig-zags were hard on energy sapped legs

the finish straight - more uphill and I just couldn't get past anyone

The race was 8.6km and took me just over an hour. I am pleased with how I ran - measured effort without breaking myself. I always feel like I should be able to give more in a race but at the time it feels like I am putting everything into it. I'd recommend this race to others for sure, the village fete was worth the £1 entry fee with traditional stalls and lots to see. Thanks to the race organisers - the course was wonderfully marked and marshaled, giving the runners no chance to go wrong.

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