Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hot Runs

Saturday: myself and Tim headed over to Hathersage to recce part of the Long Tour of Bradwell. The weather was hot and humid, and away from the shade of trees it was sticky hot. Our route took us backwards on the race route from Leadmill Bridge to Toads Mouth, exploring the link from the Burbage Valley across the road and down towards Lawrence Field. We returned the same way (or at least returning on the actual race route as we'd taken a slight detour on the way up). Back at the car we still felt good so continued on the race route towards Bradwell for a short distance....then back to Hathersage for a late lunch+ice cream and browse in the gear shop. Total run 14.6km and 350m ascent.

Tim running across Lawrence Field
Looking towards Bole Hill
Sunday: solo early morning run for me from home. My route was from Old Glossop, Cock Hill, Glossop Low, over to the Pennine Way, up to Bleaklow Head. I'd contemplated heading to Bleaklow Stones-The Ridge-Hern Clough but dismissed that in favour of less tussocky running. I stuck to the Pennine Way until some point after the turning to Hern Stones then bashed across the tussocks to the B29 plane wreck and Higher Shelf Stones trig point. I decided to run along the Shelf Moor race route across to Dog Rock and home down via Lightside, but feeling good as I crossed Dowstone Clough I made a decision to head back to Glossop Low....and luckily came across a quad track that made for easy running across the heather. I picked up the Torside-Glossop Low trod and boards, and was soon heading down passed Cock Hill. A quick detour back to the trig point, then off via the quarry spoils and down to Old Glossop. The temperature today was pretty perfect, warm but a good breeze blowing and enough cloud cover to not be worried about sunburn. I saw and heard loads of curlews flying really close by, a stoat popped it's head up and called out, grouse, a lizard thing rushed off down a peat tunnel, and there were plenty of mountain hares around and one pheasant. Apart from the wildlife I didn't see anyone until dropping off Cock Hill....a perfect solo adventure.
Total run 17.1km and 625m ascent.
Torside Clough and reservoir
On the Pennine Way
There's a stoat hiding in there, honest!
My route across to Higher Shelf Stones
Approaching the B29 plane wreck and trig point in distance
'Overexposed' B29 plane wreck
Dowstone Clough
View from Glossop Low
A little windswept at Cock Hill with Bleaklow behind
Glossop town

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