Saturday, 10 January 2015

New Trail Running Shoes

In my search for new trail shoes (because I've started to destroy my Adidas Kanadias) I discovered the New Balance WT110s at a bargain price, and with a further new year discount. Sold.

At just 175g they are really light!! Just the sort of thing I want, as my usual INOV8 xtalon 212s are a super feel and I don't want to move away from that too much. According to the info-blurb online "The lateral forefoot area has been adjusted to make the platform more neutral, keeping you lower to the ground and enhancing responsiveness.". They've got a 4mm differential which is just what I'm after for keeping me running in the forefoot style.

They also have an "Aggressive Outsole - Outsole tread which offers superb traction." and having used them twice on some really muddy terrain, I did feel really safe and non-slippy in them.

The technical information online about these shoes, and New Balance generally is all a bit baffling to me. I go for what fits my foot, feels comfortable and will give me a decent amount of wear for the running I do. So far (I'm three runs and 20km into this pair) I'm happy with my choice. The uppers feel fairly lightweight so I suspect they won't last as long as the Kanadias have (over 500km logged on those). I'll report in when I destroy them.

Oh, and they are a really cool colour, with amazingly dazzlingly bright laces!

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