Thursday, 7 August 2014

Isle of Skye, Scotland: Dunvegan & Neist Point

Onwards we went, stopping off in Portree for lunch and a meander, then off to the anticipated excitement of spending a night in the oldest Inn on Skye - well, don't bother. We were met with a rather damp welcome, no thoughts on where we might camp and the general feeling that we wish we hadn't bothered driving the long way down a single track road. We back-tracked and found the lovely campsite at Dunvegan. Much more welcoming, and a pub just a short cycle away for dinner. Here's some photos form our two days in Dunvegan:
Heading off on another baking hot day for a bike ride
Neist Point and the famous lighthouse
View from Neist Point 
Al and Tim, with the Cullin Ridge lurking in the hazy distance
Me and Tim on one of many single track roads, photo thanks to Al
Me and Al at Neist Point 
Amazing cliffs on the coast
Lunch stop at the Red Roof cafe
Delicious cheese scone with cream cheese, smoked salmon and edible flowers
Pausing to admire the superb views
Al speeding off into the distance
Back at vague attempt to remove the swarm of midges from the tent porch before launching inside!
Thanks for the photo and entertainment Al!!! 
More amazing views - this time from the campsite
One of the McLeod's Table mountains, dominating the view from the campsite
Oystercatchers and sheep on the rocky shoreline
Magpie moth took a liking to resting on the Global Therapies van!
Noisy Oystercatchers doing circuits of the bay at 4am was entertaining!
Lovely Little Things at the campsite


  1. Not fancy the Cuillins for some proper mountain running/scrambling, then?

    1. We did run into the Cullins though the ridge scramble is a little beyond my abilities...for now!