Sunday, 22 June 2014

Welsh Mountain adventure

Yesterday was glorious. Sunshine, a breeze to keep me cool as I ascended another Welsh mountain, and I was in for a lovely surprise as I bumped into a couple of friends making their way up the same mountain as me. It turned out we were doing the same route, so my plan for a solo run along the tops (after a steep scramble up) changed to a social walk, and it was delightful. Here's a few photos:

looking up the steep side of Pen Yr Ole Wen
part way up Pen Yr Ole Wen looking across Llyn Ogwen to the unmistakable Tryfan
Looking west towards Y Garn and Foel Goch (where I'd been a few days earlier)
Still ascending and looking back down the scree/rocks/heather I've climbed up; Llyn Ogwen getting smaller below me
Steep heather section....why do photos never show just how steep it is!
the summit of Carnedd Dafydd at the far right in cloud
Looking to the now cloud free summit of Carnedd Dafydd from Pen yr Ole Wen
Carnedd Dafydd getting closer, the path clearly visible
Me and Claire at the summit of Carnedd Dafydd 
and looking from Carnedd Dafydd back to Tryfan  which looks tiny now!
Heading over the rocky ridge path to Craig Lluygwy
Nearing the end....with Pen yr Ole Wen bathed in sunshine

Global Therapies cake & coffee shop....waiting for Tim to descend Tryfan

My route started at the campsite nearest Llyn Ogwen and the plan to head up a path on the south-west corner of Pen yr Ole Wen was soon changed as I decided to make the route up 'interesting'. I picked a line up the rock and heather to avoid the craggy sections on the steep south face and made my way slowly up the scrambly-clambering route. As I picked up the path on nearing the top, on the eastern approach, I met my friends, and we summited Pen yr Ole Wen (978m) together. From there we headed round to Carnedd Dafydd (1044m) and then eastwards before descending from Craig Lluygwy back to the campsite.

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