Saturday, 15 March 2014

Navigation Training

I have many years of hill walking and running experience, local knowledge of the Peak District and Bleaklow is my back garden. Plus, I am a qualified Walking Group Leader. You'd think I know most things about finding my way and how to navigate. But, we are never too old or too wise to think we know everything. So when I was asked if I wanted to join Ian from EverythingOutdoors on a navigation course I jumped at the chance. Ian is a well respected outdoorsy person, a long-standing member of Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team and a fell runner to boot. Yes, I know my other half is all of the above, but you can still learn a lot by going out on the hill with a good variety of people. I wasn't about to waste a chance to get out and share a day on the hill.

Leaving Old Glossop we headed towards Bleaklow. The 5 D's and a whole heap of navigation aids were put to use finding various features. Somewhat disappointingly the day started out lovely and sunny. Yes, ideal hill weather normally but not for navigation. We were however rewarded for our climb up onto the Bleaklow plateau, for we were swiftly joined by a chilled westerly wind and rolling clag. That reduced visibility drastically, kept our concentration levels high, and I think the photos will speak for themselves...

Brilliant blue sky and a wall to handrail 
off to find a crag...but which one?
what's that over there?
Looking towards Higher Shelf Stones with the cold claggy mist rolling in
Overexposed aircraft wreck successfully located
Approaching Wain Stones
A new find for me, another aircraft wreck (Blenheim Bomber) on Sykes Moor
Using duckboards on the path from Torside towards Glossop Low
Dropping down off Cock Hill
The day was very useful, I learnt new techniques and was able to pass on skills and confidence to the group. Ian is a great teacher who I'd happily trust on the hill any day.

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