Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sprinkles of Snow

With a covering of snow on the ground I just had to go running on Tuesday. I was still feeling generally tired from my long run on Sunday plus a turbo session and strength session on Monday, but with rain forecast I knew I had to get out and enjoy the snow while it lasted. I really wanted to get up onto Bleaklow but knew I would be seriously lacking in energy and strength so I chose an easy loop with very little ascent. A wise move as I found even the short section up the A57 before turning on to the farm track quite an effort. The run was lovely, if a little chilly on my feet as I splashed through the slushy puddles.

The main A57 road as it climbs past Glossop golf course towards the top of the Snake Pass
Bleaklow is hidden in the snowy murk
Farm track plus very cold slush

Heading towards Old Glossop

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  1. Can't beat a bit of snow. That's not a bad load by Dartmoor standards this year.