Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Kentmere Horseshoe

Sunday arrived, the day of the Kentmere Horseshoe fell race and a gathering of Glossopdale Harriers descended upon the tiny village in the Lake District. My plan was to have a low level run to Kentmere Reservoir and perhaps get a glimpse of the runners on the ridges way above me. It was a hot and sunny day, following the theme of the past few weeks. A few fluffy white clouds provided some occasional welcome relief from the heat, but it was the cooling waters of the river (where I had to cross, as I'd missed a footbridge), then the reservoir, and the river again at the end which proved most refreshing. Here's a few photos from my run:

The horseshoe in the distance
Horseshoe getting closer
Approaching the reservoir
Reservoir just over the near rise
Cooling off my feet
Looking up to the ridge, scanning for runners
Nearly at the top end of the reservoir
Looking up to the valley head
Looking down towards Kentmere over the reservoir
Heading back to Kentmere, cloud cover very much welcome

My run was a total of 14.4km and I was out about 2 hours, though with stops for cooling off in the reservoir and taking photos I was only moving for 1hr37mins. I may not have reached the lofty peaks that the racers did, but I had a thoroughly enjoyable run in the hot midday sun. I seem to be coping well with about 500ml water for a couple of hours, providing I'm not pushing the pace.

Tim's write up from his race can be found here.

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