Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lambs Longer Leg Fell Race

I had been put off by the profile of this race last year. This year I felt more at ease with just turning up and seeing what I can do. Plus I've put myself down on the FRA forum champs table, so it was a big motivator to get some points on the table this month. The other option for points is at Kinder Trial, but if it snows I probably won't run it (for reasons not to do with the actual snow, it's more to do with the fact that I like having to navigate rather than follow footprints).

Somewhat complicating logistical factors for today's race is that it coincides with the Trigger, a 20 mile race which Tim was running. The short explanation is that I got a lift to the race (thanks Nev/Neil), and then a lift with someone different (thanks Stagger) to Edale to see the Trigger runners finishing, and then a lift back home (cheers Carl).

Anyway, the race. It hurt. A lot. I can see why I didn't really fancy running it. From about 100m in on from the start the ascent and cold air made my lungs hurt. I had to walk fairly soon and was close to last by the half way point. I plodded on. I dug deep and made it to the top without stopping. Then down down down into Dimpus Clough. I was swapping places with a lady all way down, only because she kept falling over. After crossing the stream she left me on the traverse. A different lady was behind me now, and I was determined not to let her catch me on the way back that hurt. As the angle leveled a little I saw someone up ahead start running again. Not me. It was a false summit and I could do little more than pant heavily and just keep putting left in front of right and vice versa. I beat her to the top...and managed to gain some ground on the undulating section to the metal gate just before the descent. She caught me at the stile and I was sure she was going to take me on the last section of grass into the finishing field but with some encouragement from Matt and an amazing enthusiasm from forumite Stagger (cheers guys) I kept her behind me. 

I finished 4th from last in 46:50. That gives me 0 points for the FRA forum champs. I'm more than a little disappointed with that. But I ran. I finished, and I had some amazing views of the crisp icy landscape. I just wish my lungs would work better. With all the training I've put in it seems I've gained nothing when it comes to racing.

A big well done to my fellow Glossopdale Harriers, Caity was 2nd lady, Rachel 1st v40, Beryl 1st v60 and Nev 1st v65. 

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