Sunday, 20 May 2018

Lantern Pike Dash fell race 2018

With four weeks until the Trail Marathon Wales my training is going fairly well, so why not do a 2km fell race!!! Perfect prep you'd say....not. I decided it might be a good idea to add on a bit of distance so ran from Glossop to the race - 11km on the route we took.

Leaving Glossop via Wormstones

I was joined by Mark and Zoe - fellow Glossopdale Harriers - and we set off from Glossop at 8.15am. More than enough time to have an easy saunter over the moors to Little Hayfield. The temperature was so warm as I left home at 8am that only a running vest was necessary....and sunglasses plus plenty of water.
Me, Mark and Zoe at Harry Hut trig
Descending down to Little Hayfield

We reached the Lantern Pike pub with around an hour to race start so sat on the grass drying out sweaty tops, airing feet and socialising with the other runners arriving for this lung busting race.  Lots of Glossopdale Harriers were soon gathered - this being a club champs counter. 21 adults and 5 juniors ran, what a superb turn out.

Soon enough we were on the start line and me and Mandy had paired up again to see if we could beat last years time. The usual fast start happened down the first field, me and Mandy just sauntering down soon caught up with everyone at the fence. Over the river we go then it's the uphill battle. Sadly Mandy's legs weren't cooperating so we parted ways around half way up and I continued to the summit.

It was hard going. I knew I wouldn't catch the runners ahead given the state of my lungs (asthma has flared up) so just settled in to my own pace and cheering on other runners already on their way back down the stupidly steep slope.

Just the final field to climb back to the finish line...thanks Elanor Swan for the photo

The joy of fell running races is that no matter where you are there are cheery marshals and other runners to encourage you, and no pressure to do more than you can. So me being miles off the back of everyone else didn't worry me, I just dug in and did my best.

I ended up finishing last in 25 minutes 35 seconds -  beating last years time by over 4 minutes so I'm pleased with that, especially given the condition of my lungs at the moment (walking up the stairs at home this morning had me out of breath!). The post-race banter was as good as always and Glossopdale Harriers bagged a fair few prizes - both adults and juniors running well on such a hot day.

That's the 'little' hill behind me that I 'ran' up and down!!! Lantern Pike in glorious sunshine

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